Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Extract Photos from iPhone Backup with iPhone Photo Extractor

"I installed new iOS 6 software but lost a bunch of pics. I had been looking around the web for days to find a solution to extract my photos from the iTunes backup I did before. Tried iTunes for several times,but always get the info "iTunes was unable to load data class information from Sync Services.” Then I tried data recovery software, but I was only able to restore small partial restore [only 28 out of my 132 photos] by using most of the programs. Is there anybody know any good tools to help me extract photos from iPhone backup? PS: Any extractors or data recovery utilities are also OK. Please tell me if you have any clue about it. Thanks very much!" - Peter

If you have an iPhone backup stored on your computer, the first idea that comes to your head must be restoring your iPhone from iTunes backup. However, it’s usually not easy to find out the iTunes backup files because the files hide deeply on your computer. Even if you have finally found the iPhone backup location on your computer, you’ll be frustrated to find that the iTunes backup is a SQlitedb file that can neither be recognized nor previewed. The only way to restore iPhone from backup seems to be using iTunes. But you may also note that all the original data on your iPhone will be deleted and replaced by the iTunes backup files in the restoring process, which is also very irritating.

Actually, it’s very easy to extract pictures from iPhone backup without iTunes if you have the multi-functional iPhone Backup Extractor, which can scan 12 kinds of files in your previous iTunes backup and extract single files from the total backup to PC. Above all, you can have a good preview of all the files in thumbnails before exporting them to the computer.

Free download the iPhone Backup Extractor, and follow the guides below to start to extract and recover photos from iPhone backup.

Free download iPhone Backup Extractor

How to extract photos from iPhone backup

Step 1 Enter "Recover from iTunes backup" mode

Run the iPhone backup extractor on your PC, then tap on “Recover from iTunes backup” mode.

Enter Recover from iTunes backup mode

Step 2 Select your iPhone backup to scan

After a short scanning, you can see all the backups you have ever made through iTunes on your PC, choose the backup of your iPhone and click “Scan” button on the right corner of the interface.

Select your iPhone backup to scan

Step 3 Preview & extract photos from iPhone backup

After a few seconds, you can preview all the files found in the scanning of your iPhone backup. By clicking the “Camera Roll” category, you can see all the photos and videos you have backed up with iTunes. You can also tick “Photo Stream” or “Photo Library” to preview and extract your photos.

Preview & extract photos from iPhone backup

After preview, tick the categories or single files and tap on “Recover” button to start to extract pictures from iPhone backup.

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