Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Extract SMS from iPhone Backup with iPhone SMS Extractor

“I lost my iPhone, so all the data including the important messages were lost. But I had an iTunes backup. I thought of using iTunes to restore, but it always asked me to connect my device. I just want to get access to the messages on my lost iPhone. How can I restore iPhone messages?”

If you unfortunately lost your iPhone, there’s still a chance for you to retrieve messages on your lost iPhone as long as you have ever synced or backed up your iPhone using iTunes. Since iTunes will automatically backup your iPhone every time you sync data with it, the messages, photos, videos, contacts, etc. will also be backed up to local computer. But the iTunes backup is a SQLite database file that can't be accessed or previewed.  That is to say, you can't directly take any single data out of iTunes backup. To restore iPhone messages in iTunes backup, you'll have to use third-party software, like an iPhone backup extractor. With the powerful iPhone SMS extractor, you can easily find back messages on lost iPhone/iPad/iPod touch by extracting previous iPhone backup.

The iPhone backup extractor can not only extract SMS from iPhone backup, but also can help iPhone users retrieve other lost files, such as photos, videos, notes, call histories, calendars, etc. If you are looking for information on how to extract text messages from iPhone backup, you can refer to this tutorial to help you extract iPhone text messages easily. You can free download the software to have a try, it won’t let you down.  

Guide on how to extract SMS from iPhone backup

Step 1 Enter “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode
After running the iPhone SMS extractor, click “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode to scan the iTunes backup stored on your computer.

Step 2 Select iPhone backup for scan
Then all the iTunes backup of different iDevices will be listed, select the backup of your iPhone and click “Scan” to scan the files in the iPhone backup.

Step 3 Preview iPhone messages in backup
After quick scan, all of your backup files of different iDevices will be displayed in 12 types on the left of the software interface. If you want to extract messages from iPhone backup, you can click the "Messages" category to preview detailed items of the messages before you recover them.

Step 4 Recover and save your iPhone messages
Then click "Recover" button to continue. In the pop-up “Recover Files” window, choose a computer folder to save the messages to be output, and click “Go” to start to extract messages from iPhone backup.

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